The Card Junkie Talkshow EP2

Don’t forget

🔥The Card Junkie Talkshow🔥

tomorrow (Sunday) at 1PM GMT on

In this episode we will discuss Futera!

Is Futera good or bad!

Join us live and share your opinions and ask questions 😎

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In Memoria e Amicizia

In memoria e amicizia ♥️

Today marks the 35 years anniversary of the Heysel disaster. We remember and honour the supporters that never made it back from the game between Liverpool and Juventus.


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Torres or Poulsen figure?

Is it just me or does this Torres figure actually look more like Christian Poulsen?😆

Fernando Torres, 2009/10 Soccerwe

Gold Base, Home kit, (7cm)

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Origi Gold Standard

I keep saying it over and over again! But wow this Gold Standard set is so beautiful!!

Divock Origi, 2019/20 Panini Gold Standard Marks Of Gold (116/149).

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Panini WCCF SG8 insert

Some of these Panini WCCF inserts are just gorgeous 😍

Steven Gerrard, 2005/06 Panini WCCF European Clubs Bandiera

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The Card Junkie Talkshow


The Card Junkie Talkshow.

So this is exciting news!

Ok so it might be to over-exaggerate things calling it a talkshow! However me and fellow LFC card collector and good friend Guy Mitchell will host a live stream on where we will discuss topics from the world of football cards.

We will try and do this live stream on a weekly basis but it is no quarantee as we both have family and jobs.

Each live stream will be between 15-30 min and each time we will discuss a new football card related topic.

We will kick this off with the hot and disputed topic of ROOKIE CARDS! So it should be an interesting talk 😉

Viewers will be able to ask questions and share opinions that we will share while we are live.

So tune in on Instagram on

Friday 22, at 12pm GMT

And check it out! 🔥😊

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Thank you to a fellow collector!

I’d like to make a shout out and say thank you to @jamiestorrcollector who randomly contacted me and asked if I had this set. When I said no he just said ”ok then a set is on its way home to you now”.

When I asked him how much he wanted for it he simply replied ”nothing I’m just happy to help out”.

What a decent person and collector that man is!

The set is the 2019 Collectable Pictures European Champions by Norman Hood (107/1000).

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