New Topps Premier League Gold


So it seems Topps are changing some aspects of the Premier Gold set. Hard-on autographs, no relic cards (what it seems anyway) and less parallels (thank God!). I’m not a big fan of parallels but at least the colour design of the upcoming set’s parallels, seems to be more obvious than the colour design of the 2016 set, which was close to non-existent.


I like the fact that the sticker autos are gone but hate that there are no jersey cards (which I’m crazy for). What is up with that?!


The foil inserts look pretty good though. All and all it feels like Topps are sort of down-sizing the PG set. I’m afraid that this upcoming set will most likely not blow my or any other collectors’ minds but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.


Last but not least I have to apologize for using cards of Everton and Man U players but those were the only ones available 😉


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Lots of oddities and miscellaneous added to the site


I have updated the Oddities and the Miscellaneous Cards pages with lots of new and fun stuff. Below follows an introduction of the various items.



Got, Not Got; The Lost World Of Liverpool – A great book about LFC collectibles and memorabilia including cards, stickers and figurines.

Uncut sheet of News Of The World 1998 Michael Owen’s Soccer Skills. The sheet consists of 13 cards.

A 3D poster card of the club badge (size approx. A3)

Signed photo by Jamie Carragher from the 23 Foundation together with a certificate of authenticity.



Left: Three beautiful cards from the Russian issuer Card Lab Studios. These cards are known as fakes (the issuer doesn’t have an official license) so the signatures are not authentic but the design is beautiful.

Right: An Andy Carroll large-sized card which came with a 2012 Match Stars figurine (the figurine will be uploaded to the site and presented in a near future).

A Micheal Owen 1998-99 DS France Foot Golden Superstar card.



A new introduction to the collection are these stamps. I’ve never had stamps before but these are really cool so why not.

Two coins, the golden one is from the Official Medal Collection of Great Britain. The bronze coin is actually a one penny coin which was put in some sort of press machine (in Liverpool) and out came this “updated” version of it.

To get a closer look at the various items click on the links below.

Oddities / Miscellaneous Cards / Autograph Cards /Steven Gerrard

/ Jamie Carragher / Michael Owen / Ian Rush / Bruce Grobbelaar

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Turf Cigarettes uncut packs

I have managed to acquire these two 1951 Carreras Ltd. Turf Cigarettes Famous Footballers uncut cigarette cards of Billy Liddell and Laurie Hughes. The Liddell card is from a 20-pack and the Hughes from a 10-pack and both have still got their “wings” left.

In the photo to the right I also have the two cards cut out from the packs. Go check out my other Carreras and Liddell cards by clicking on the links. Carreras / Billy Liddell


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LFC Legends Collection on Pinterest

That’s right folks, the collection is now also available on Pinterest.  I’m going to use Pinterest as an extended arm of the website, to categorize my collection even more than on the website. Players like Joe Allen, David Fairclough, Glenn Hysén etc will get their own boards (maps, pages) which is not possible here due to limited space and a lot of extra work. So if you want to check it out click on the link

But bear with me as I only just started the account and it will take some time to fill it up with cards.


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Divock Origi autograph relic card

I have added this beautiful card to the collection. Divock Origi 2016 Topps Premier Gold Autograph Relic Card (98/100). I have updated the pages linked below, click on the links to check it out!

Topps Premier Gold / Relic Cards / Autograph Cards


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New video on Youtube

I have made a new video and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. In this video I go through various sets, cards and issuers in my collection that I like and dislike.

Take a look below!

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New update!

I have uploaded some more cards to the website. First up some 2016 Futera Unique Liverpool FC edition memorabilia cards and Heritage cards. I have also uploaded the two Futera FX Ignite non-error cards of Barmy and Smicer. Click on the links to get a closer look at the cards; Futera Unique / Futera FX


Then I’ve uploaded these 2007 Topps Premier Gold cards as well. This set is probably the hardest Premier Gold set to get hold of so I’m very pleased to finally have added it to my collection. Click on the link to get a closer look at the cards; Topps Premier Gold



Furthermore I have updated the following pages:

Relic Cards / Steven Gerrard / Jamie Carragher / Daniel Sturridge

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