IP auto by Roy Evans

Here is another autograph item, though this time it’s a hard signed IP auto. I got this 1996 Subbuteo Squads Premier League Pro Edition card signed by Roy Evans, when he was visiting my home town for an event I was hosting. A very nice gentleman. For more autographs click on the link below.

Autograph Cards

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James Milner autograph card

Happy to add this card to my collection.

James Milner 2015-16 Topps Premier Club Official Autograph Card (86/265).

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Autograph Cards

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Topps Authentics relic card

This is a very nice addition to my collection.

A Michael Owen 2010-11 Topps Authentics Premier Gold Club Legends, red jersey card (145/350).

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Michael Owen / Relic Cards

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New Topps Premier League Platinum

I’m happy that there are more LFC cards to hunt for this season than previous BUT I’m not impressed with this product the way it looks from the photos. Seriously all Topps Premier League football cards/sets look almost the same design-wise, Premier Gold, Premier League Platinum, even the Match Attax set. Compare the Aguero base card shown (to the far left) with this years Match attax cards.
Isn’t it enough with all the parallels which there is hardly any effort put into? Have Topps seriously become so lazy they don’t even bother to distinguish the design between the various sets anymore. I want to see some effort from the companies this is disrespectful to us collectors.


Sure there are inserts and relic cards, autograph cards etc which is always nice but come on!! What do we seriously get for our money here? A bunch of cards which look more or less the same as they already do in at least two other sets and a bunch of lame parallels. So we are basically just buying the same cards over and over again.



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Reached my collecting goal for 2018 after just 2 weeks

So one of my collecting goals for 2018 was to grow my LFC figurine collection to 250 figurines.Two weeks into the new year and I have reached this goal and exceeded it 🙂

In my collection as we speak I now have 329 figurines 🙂

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Website update

So due to recent increase in numbers of my LFC Prostars collection I have had to create some new pages to maintain the organization on the website. Prostars are part of the Corinthian brand under which you also find figurines such as Headliners, Microstars etc.

Basically what I’ve done is to create a Corinthian category in the Figurines drop down menu. When choosing the Corinthian category there will appear another drop down menu where you will find the various Corinthian products in my collection.

Under the Prostars category there will be another drop down menu with various Prostars sets you can choose from.

If you find this post somewhat confusing just go to the Figurines category in the main menu above and everything will become clear to you 🙂



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Topps Premier Gold Autograph Relic Card

Yet another relic card added to the collection! This time a Daniel Sturridge 2016 Topps Premier Gold Autograph Relic Card (28/100).

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Relic Cards / Autograph Cards / Daniel Sturridge / Topps Premier Gold

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