Lallana Gold Standard Relic Card

Adam Lallana, 2019/20 Panini Gold Standard Jersey Autograph Card (06/99).

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Panini Gold Standard

Got my first batch yesterday of Panini Gold Standard and my God they are BEAUTIFUL! Guys I’m telling you this could very well be among my top 3 favorite sets! Absolute class!

Divock Origi, 2019/20 Panini Gold Standard Aurum Autographs Fine Parallel (06/29).

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Topps Designed By Messi

I must say this is a set I really like!

2020 Topps UEFA Champions League – Designed by Lionel Messi;

Van Dijk, Salah, Mané, Alisson and Trent.

From what I have heard designing these cards was part of Messi’s therapy to get over the Miracle at Anfield 😂

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Panini Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365

The Panini FIFA 365 series are among my favorite card series out there, low end or high end. The quality and design of these cards are excellent!

I’ve been longing for LFC to be included in this set for years now! So imagine my joy when it finally happened this season!

Here we have the 2019/20 Panini Adrenalyn XL FIFA 365 Limited Edition LFC set consisting of Van Dijk, Trent, Mané, Salah and Firmino!

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Feeling disillusioned?

So it’s no secret that I have in the last months become very disillusioned about this wonderful hobby (which is not so wonderful anymore). The inflated and flooded LFC card market has really ruined it for me.

The other day I bought my first cards off eBay in months, the Topps Messi Champions League LFC set because it looks really awesome. I sort of felt joy and felt like maybe it’s time to pick up where I left before my break.

Then today I realized that there are five up coming releases in the next two or three months. I haven’t even started on the Gold standard, Obsidian and Match Attax extra sets yet. And for the first time I skipped the Futera LFC releases because it was too much on every level.

So now I’m back just as disillusioned as ever about this hobby. I sort of feel what is the point?

I have now come to a point where I even consider selling my entire LFC card collection. It’s really sad as I love this hobby and I have loved it ever since my first card at age 8 years old.

Anyway this post wasn’t really about my disillusion about this hobby but really I want to give my fellow collectors a piece of advice.

I know there are a lot of us sharing these feelings towards the hobby right now and for that reason I want to tell you about a part of my collection I won’t be selling!


This hobby is still very innocent with low prices and not too many releases. Which actually means you have a good chance of completing sets without ending up in bankruptcy.

Just like with cards there is also a great community surrounding this hobby with multiple Facebook pages.

If you find this hobby interesting and want more info about the figurine hobby I could make another post explaning everything you need to know about this wonderful hobby to get you started.

Would you like me to write a post thoroughly explaning the figurine hobby? 😊

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My favorite Gerrard relic card?

So this could possibly be my favorite Steven Gerrard relic card?!🤔 absolutely stunning!

Steven Gerrard, 2013 Topps Premier Gold Jumbo Memorabilia Card (34/99).

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Love my LFC man cave

Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate on the telly! For some reason the stuff in the periphery steel my attention 😆

Love my LFC man cave ❤️

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