New Soccerstarz 22/23

Today the new Soccerstarz Liverpool FC Team Pack 2022/23 arrived 🙂 the figures are standing on red bases. The pack is limited to /1300. I really like the new Klopp sculpture with the cap. Elliott and Konate also getting their first figures in this release.

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Nice boot relic logo patch

This probably one of my favorite patches in my collection. The Emile Heskey boot Nike logo patch from the 2016/17 @futera Unique Liverpool FC Edition Then & Now Heskey/Sturridge relic card (8/29).
It is obviously nothing compared to the high end one of one patches with entire logos but I like this one. I also actually have the tip of the Nike logo in one of my other Heskey relic cards from this set.

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LED ring light on vintage cards

Been playing around with my new LED ring light. This is the result on these vintage 1910 Cope Brothers, Cope’s Clips Cigarettes Noted Footballers cards. Pretty decent but can probably become even better once I’ve learnt more about using the ring light for photography. I think the quality is really crisp but probably could have got the background somewhat brighter. What do you think?

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Card influencing

Today I finally used my new LED ring light for the first time. This will hopefully help me create better content (or at least less bad 🤣).
This will be perfect for my upcoming LFC auto Xmas calendar 🎅🎄

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Futera symmetrical patch

This is probably one of the most symmetrical patches I’ve seen. Love this diagonal tricolour patch and it is even better that it is a patch/auto! Just too bad it is not a better player.
Kevin Stewart, 2016/17 Futera Unique Liverpool FC Edition The Incredibles (7/35).
This is the only Stewart LFC auto card out there.

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The sticker set that never was‼️

Ever heard of the infamous Panini Football 2003 sticker collection?
Well if you haven’t don’t worry you can’t be blamed! This collection lasted just 4 days on the shelves back in the 2002-03 season.

So what happened was that Topps had exclusive license to a Premier League sticker collection. Topps had a special one-off right to take photographs of the players and produce cards. The Premier League and the football clubs owned the copyright in the designs on the badges and logos. Panini created an album with stickers of players containing a substantial part of those logos and badges. The Premier League, the football clubs and Topps applied for an injunction to stop Panini’s copyright infringement. Accordingly, an injunction was granted stopping Panini’s album sale. So four days in all boxes and packs were taken off the shelves never to be sold again.
This means very few people got around to buy any stickers making them very rare and hard to come by. I personally only know of one person who have a complete LFC set not sure there is anyone with a complete 386 sticker set. I am lucky enough to own one sticker from the set.
Panini Football 2003 Bernard Diomede.

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Rhys Williams auto

Rhys Williams 2021/22 Topps Official LFC team set auto. Can’t say I’m a fan of this player but I need his auto in order to complete my list of all LFC players with an auto card.
29 down 44 to go 🙂

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Keane auto

Added my 28th unique LFC player auto with this Robbie Keane 2021/22 Topps Official LFC team set auto.
28 down 45 to go 🙂

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1975/76 Topps Footballer

Which is your favorite 1970’s Topps Footballer set?
Well my favorite is a no brainer! Without any doubt the 1975/76 Topps Footballer set. I just love the vivid colorful design.
I’m lucky to have the complete set including the two Great Britain Select Eleven cards most of them in rather good condition as well. In this photo I’ve also added the 2021/22 Topps UEFA Champions League 75/76 Topps Footballer inspired Sadio Manè insert card.

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Panini Score Alternative sets

I’ve got to say I like these two Ibrahima Konate 2021/22 Panini Score Hot Rookies, left from the FIFA set and right from the Premier League set.
I also like the concept of two alternative sets of the same series. Much rather have alternative images than parallels with the same image.

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