Topps Finest Checklist

This new Topps set looks really interesting if you ask me!

This particular Topps Finest Salah insert reminds me a lot of some of the cards from the 2001 Futera FX set! Check out Futera FX HERE

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Topps PG silver framed card

I really like these silver framed cards! The weight of them is so heavy for a trading card.

Philippe Coutinho

2015 Topps Premier Gold

Best Of Barclays Premier League, Silver Framed Parallel (39/40).

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Best looking LFC card there is!

This Mohamed Salah,

2018/19 Topps Chrome Premier League, Superstar Sensations insert card is SICK!

This is by far the most beautiful LFC card ever produced! It doesn’t matter if you are a low end collector or high end collector, this card should be in your LFC collection!

The photo doesn’t do it justice to be honest!

Do you agree is this the best looking LFC card there is?

Check out my other Salah cards and stickers HERE

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TAA Topps Museum Jumbo Relic

Hello beautiful! 😎

Trent Alexander-Arnold,

2017/18 Topps

UEFA Champions League

Museum Collection, Autographed Jumbo Relic Card (28/50).

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Sir Bob 100 years

Happy birthday Sir Bob! He would have been 100 years old today, the most successful manager in LFC history!

Bob Paisley, 1999 Futera Platinum, Liverpool FC The Greatest.

Click HERE to check out my Bob Paisley collection!

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LFC figures

They come in all shapes and sizes!

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Collecting goals for 2019

Happy New Year guys! And thank you for supporting this website!

I managed to reach all my collecting goals for 2018 and today my LFC collection consists of

5039 cards

1213 stickers

399 figurines

527 oddities

Making it a total of 7178 items in my LFC collection.

My collecting goals for 2019 are as follows:

Cards: 5300

Stickers: 1300

Figurines: 415 (of which the last 8 missing LFC Prostars figures).

And any number of related oddities

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