Joe Gomez Chrome auto

Joe Gomez, 2018/19 Topps Chrome Champions League blue parallel autograph card (36/150).
Wishing him a speedy recovery!

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1949 LTA Robinson

So I know this is a post that won’t get a lot of interaction or likes. The ones who are in this hobby for the love of collecting cardboard will like this. Investors not so much as this is not a rookie, not low numbered, no patch or auto. They will probably get confused from looking at it tbh 😆
This ”piece of shit” card is an Albert Stubbins 1949 LTA Robinson Meet The Soccer Stars card.
The card on the right is a cut out card with info on the back. The left card comes with a hard and blank back.
This is actually one of my favorite vintage cards in my collection. To me it has a very appealing design.

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Futera Mythical

I’m happy to add this Steve McMahon 2016/17 Futera Unique Liverpool FC Edition Mythical (/7) card.
I used to have a few of these back in 2016 but used them in trades to try and complete as many of the sub-sets as possible. But it is nice to now have one once again in my collection as a representation for the Mythical sub-set.This card is also a really nice Dalglish intruder card.

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Back on our perch

An update/addition to my man cave, a Back On Our Perch flag!🔥 looking good hanging from the leaning ceiling👌

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Panini Cadbury sub-set

I love this fairly rare 2019/20 Panini Adrenalyn XL Premier League Cadbury FC Legends sub-set. It is something about the purple design that really speaks to me.

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Not too shabby

Sheer f#cking beauty 🔥

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Announcing my retirement from the hobby

I’m said it has come to this but I’m quitting the hobby. It is a decision that has gradually come to me over the past months.

There are a few reasons why I’m doing this.
First and most this is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun. It is something you do because you enjoy it and gives you some space from your everyday life obligations. It should inject you with a little positivity.
For me it has been the opposite over the course of the last 18-24 months.
I have felt down, frustrated and angry on a daily basis and it has taken all the fun not just out of the hobby but it has also effected me outside the hobby to a certain degree.
The combination of higher prices, more products and ignorant people jumping on the band wagon
have ruined all fun.
I can’t afford all cards and I can’t afford the gems.
I don’t have time to even start collecting a new set before another one is released.
And everyday in every FB card group there is some sort of drama because so many assholes have entered the hobby. People are name calling, people make ignorant comments, people name drop each other over minor incidents rather than solving it in a civil way. People are hustling and cheating fellow collectors. People are more concerned with what an amazing hit is worth and how much money they can sell for rather than being happy about hitting an awesome card. And the list goes on.

Some peole might argue and say but Matt narrow your collection down to a certain player, a certain card or certain set. And I’ve been thinking about it but I just can’t. It is not me. I need to spend way above my means to keep up with the hobby even if I narrow it down and I just can’t justify this sort of spending for a piece of cardboard.

I have been selling off some cards in the past weeks and have raised a good amount of money on my account. And there are plenty of cards available on eBay I need yet I can’t be bothered about getting them. And this is where you truly know something is off when I have money to spend on cards I need but I don’t.

I’m not sure what to do from now on as this hobby has taken up a large part of my life. I’ll stay in some of the card groups to keep track of what is going on, I’ll still have my man cave and I’ll keep collecting LFC figures and mini kits. I might continue posting on social media as I still have plenty of items I haven’t made posts about yet. Also I still have some items on the way I haven’t got yet. I might even occasionally try and get a card I’m missing from a set I really liked and only need one or two cards to complete. But as I said right know I just can’t be bothered about anything regarding this hobby.

I have got to know some amazing people in this hobby who I can now call my friends and I have some sweet memories.

So Thanks guys!

I’m out ✌️

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There is hope for the hobby!

I have made no secret that the current situation in this hobby is taking all the fun out of collecting cards for me. A virus is slowly killing all joy in the hobby and no I’m not talking about covid but the virus that is investors.
Anyway last week a person showed me there is still hope for the hobby. I was moaning in a FB group about my lack of motivation for the hobby under these circumstances. This person read my post and commented that I should cheer up and that he would send me some Balkan LFC cards (Schoolshop, Evropska Liga Sampiona, Fricom) I was missing to help me cheer up! He didn’t ask for for anything in return, not even for me to cover postage for the cards. Afterwards I have come to realize that in my moaning state of mind I didn’t even offer to cover any postage cost either which I feel bad for, so I apologize for this!
The other day the cards came and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate not only the cards but also effort made by him just to cheer me up! So thank you!

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OPEN to offers!

I am open to offers on this
Trent Alexander-Arnold,
2017/18 Topps Chrome Champions League Autograph Orange Parallel card, 06/25.
As you can see from the photos the card is in excellent condition.
Shipping worldwide from Sweden.

This has been an amazing season for the Champions League winner and local lad, also winning the Premier League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and topping it off by being named Premier League Young Player Of The Season 2019/20.

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The logic behind Trent’s fake rookie card

So let’s talk about the ignorance, incompetence and hypocricy surrounding this hobby in general and Trent’s ”rookie card” in particular.
Top in this photo you have what is labelled as Trent’s rookie card. This although all are parallels and auto inserts. Anyone with basic knowledge of this hobby would know that only a base card is a rc and anything else would be an extended rc. Problem is not even the base version of this card is a rookie as this Chrome set came out in 2017/18 which is one year after Trent’s actual rc in 2016/17.
What makes this situation even more ridiculous is that in 2017/18 we also had the release of Museum Collection which includes 4 TAA cards (4 bottom Cards as shown in the photo). Now none of these are rookies by any means as they are all inserts (relics and autos) and also the fact these were also released the year after his actual rc. But using the logic of today’s collectors (aka investors) these should be rc too, should’t they? Released same season, both major releases. But you hear no one label these as Trent rc’s.
Where is the logic in that? 🤪
I guess anyone can label anything at anytime and anywhere a rc card as long as they feel like it. Apparently that is one’s right to do. Well any how guys I’m now off to let the world know my cat is actually a dog from now on! I’m entitled to do so, it’s my right..

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