Topps Finest

Mohamed Salah 2018/19 Topps Finest UEFA Champions League Cornerstone.

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Are these cards actually LFC cards?

Now why would I make a post with non LFC cards you might ask?! Well at a first glance it might seem that way but if you look at the second photo you will see these are LFC cards too.

These 2003 Topps Premier Gold cards depict PFA Player of the Year winners from various seasons. But on the back you also have the PFA Young Player of the Year winners from various seasons. And it just happen to be that four of these players in this set are LFC players; double Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard.

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WARNING! Explicit language!

I’m fuming!!

I must say Topps are absolutely disgusting! Money grabbing greedy c#nts! This season they have released well over 20 products which include LFC! During previous seasons there have been like 8 releases with LFC cards all issuers combined!

They are using us collectors and they know they Will get away with it because they know we want/need them all!

First season they released topps now there were 9 lfc cards, last season 10. This season they started with the Now UCL on top of the EPL and all together we are looking at approx. 50 lfc cards this season!

But to me these Limited edition Topps Now Autograph cards have killed the joy of this hobby. Me not getting the new Topps Now VVD auto today was too much, I have fucking had it!

First of all the season is fucking over so stop releasing more now cards!!

Second, the concept of Now is to be able to order a card within a certain time frame then they retire the card. So everyone who wants it has a fair chance of getting it.

The Autograph cards don’t follow the concept as they are released at a pre decided number so it basically comes down to who comes first gets it.

And as I Said the season is over. During the season a win is an indicator of a probable release the next day, now they come without any fair warning.

And to top it of there are people out there ordering these cards not because they

Collect them but to make a profit of selling them, further limiting true collectors’ chances of getting these cards.

So FUCK YOU very much Topps for fucking us over!!🖕🤬

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Futera FX inserts

The three 2001 Futera FX Rotation insert cards, Vladimir Smicer, Patrik Berger and Vegard Heggem.

This Futera set is among my favorite Futera sets. It is very unique and different to Futera’s other stuff. Also it’s rare. I haven’t seen a complete set for sale on EBay yet. Only a few cards from this 50 card set at a time.

If you want to see the complete set plus the extra error card click HERE

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Steven Gerrard Autograph Collection

All eight of my Steven Gerrard autograph cards. The collection is growing steadily.

In my post from yesterday about the latest addition, the Leaf auto, I forgot to mention what you all probably saw, that the card is PSA graded. But what’s beyond me is the low grade of 6. I can’t find anything about the card that makes it just a 6. In my book it’s at least an 8 😆

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My First SG8 Galaxy Auto

So happy to add my first Gerrard LA Galaxy auto to the collection. You won’t see too many of these coming into my Gerrard collection as I’m not willing to spend a great deal of money on Galaxy cards. However if I can find one for a good price 😉

Steven Gerrard, 2018 Leaf Soccer Immortal Collection Base Autograph (11/15).

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Champions Of Europe

Champions of Europe for the 6th time! Led by our amazing captain! soo well deserved lad!

Jordan Henderson 2018/19 Topps Match Attax Ultimate Captain

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