Complete set of FIFA365 Limited Edition

Here they are all nine 2020/21 Panini FIFA 365 Limited Edition Liverpool FC cards. Just look at them beauties!
The photo doesn’t make them justice!

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TAA Panini FIFA 365 LE

Trent Alexander-Arnold 2020/21 Panini FIFA 365 Gold Limited Edition Card.
I’ve always been a fan of the Panini FIFA 365 Series. This TAA card is a good example why! Although it being a low end set the quality and design of the cards are extremely Nice unike other low end sets such as Match Attax. The limited edition cards look amazing every season and this season is no different. The cards look amazing and there are a total of nine Liverpool FC limited edition cards. Of these this TAA has a different design which makes it stand out from the rest.

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Sadio Mané Obsidian Jumbo Patch

I’ve got say although I really dislike the Obisidan set in general this Sadio Mané Vulcanic Material Jumbo patch card (73/75) is pretty neat!

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Topps Finest Die-Cuts

These are pure eye candy! Alisson, Mané & Van Dijk 2019/20 Topps Finest UEFA Champions League Performers Die-cuts.
Such a beautiful design! I truly am and have always been a sucker for die-cuts.
Apart from these there are not too many LFC die-cuts to collect. These Finest ones also come as /50, /5 & 1/1 parallels.
The other die-cuts I know of are

  1. 1999 Futera Fan Selection Vortex. There are 9 different cards (Patrik Berger, Vegard Heggem, Steve McManaman, Steve Staunton, Brad Friedel, Dominic Matteo, Phil Babb, Paul Ince & Karl-Heinz Riedle).
  2. Topps Premier Gold has two as far as I know. Adam Lallana 2014 Topps PG Crowning Achievements Auto that also comes as a /11 & 1/1 parallel.
    Steven Gerrard 2015 Golden Boot auto that also comes as a 1/1 parallel.
  3. Merlin Collections have 2.
    Michael Owen 2000 Merlin’s Premier Gold Premier League Top Scorer.
    Robbie Fowler 95/96 Merlin Ultimate Young Player of the Year Lasercut.
  4. France Foot Top Champions 2000 Michael Owen.
    All in all there 17 Unique LFC die-cuts plus 6 parallels
    I think these are all there is but I’m not 100% sure. Do you know any other LFC die-cuts I have missed?
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Luis Garcia 3D Stars figure

I’m so happy to finally add this Luis Garcia 3D Stars Soccer Serie 3 figure to my collection!! This was the third and last missing piece of this series. It is also the rarest of them. I purchased it from eBay last week and it was only the second time I’ve ever come across one for sale. The first one I came across a couple of months ago and I got for a really cheap price. Only to be screwed by the seller who all of a sudden didn’t have it in his possession and according to him had listed it by mistake. I’m pretty certain he realized I was getting it for a fraction of what it is worth and decided not to honour our deal. Anyhow now I have it at last and I got it for a really good price!😊

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Joe Gomez Chrome auto

Joe Gomez, 2018/19 Topps Chrome Champions League blue parallel autograph card (36/150).
Wishing him a speedy recovery!

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1949 LTA Robinson

So I know this is a post that won’t get a lot of interaction or likes. The ones who are in this hobby for the love of collecting cardboard will like this. Investors not so much as this is not a rookie, not low numbered, no patch or auto. They will probably get confused from looking at it tbh 😆
This ”piece of shit” card is an Albert Stubbins 1949 LTA Robinson Meet The Soccer Stars card.
The card on the right is a cut out card with info on the back. The left card comes with a hard and blank back.
This is actually one of my favorite vintage cards in my collection. To me it has a very appealing design.

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Futera Mythical

I’m happy to add this Steve McMahon 2016/17 Futera Unique Liverpool FC Edition Mythical (/7) card.
I used to have a few of these back in 2016 but used them in trades to try and complete as many of the sub-sets as possible. But it is nice to now have one once again in my collection as a representation for the Mythical sub-set.This card is also a really nice Dalglish intruder card.

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Back on our perch

An update/addition to my man cave, a Back On Our Perch flag!🔥 looking good hanging from the leaning ceiling👌

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Panini Cadbury sub-set

I love this fairly rare 2019/20 Panini Adrenalyn XL Premier League Cadbury FC Legends sub-set. It is something about the purple design that really speaks to me.

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