Crown Paints page

You probably recognize these three cards from a previous post but now I have created a page for them, Crown Paints. There will be more Crown Paints cards coming on this page at a later time. These particular cards have also been uploaded to the Autograph Cards page. Click on the links to check them all out!


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Website Updates

So guys I’m back with a website update for the first time in a while. Working, travelling and moving to a new place have all taken up the majority of my time in past 2 months hence the lack of updates.

But now things are starting to calm down a bit so things should go back to normal again. So here are some new additions to the collection and website.

First, is what I would consider a massive oddity, LFC scratchcards or lottery tickets by Little Woods Lotto released back in 1998, called Kop The Lot. Really cool stuff for my oddity collection. Click HERE to check the out!


Next I’ve made some miscellaneous updates from Topps, Top Trumps, Panini and Chix to mention some. Click on the various links to check them out!

Chix / Miscellaneous Cards / Panini Champions League / Panini WCCF /

Top Trumps  / Match Attax Russian Edition / Topps Premier Stars

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Adam Lallana Chrome Auto

Another beautiful 2017-18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League autograph card, Adam Lallana.

For more autograph cards click HERE

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Gerrard rookie card and parallel card

Here is one of four official Steven Gerrard rookie cards, the 2000 Futera Fan Selection rookie card. To the right is the Players’ Edition Chrome Parallel card.

A parallel card is not by definition really a rookie card nor is an insert card from a rookie set but of course it’s something extra with those cards as well.

(The other three rookie cards are the 2001 Topps Premier Gold, 2001 Futera Platinum Prestige and 2001 Futera FX. The latter set includes an insert card as well).

For more LFC rookie cards click HERE

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TAA Autograph

What a season for young Trent! Playing himself into LFC’s starting XI, score his first goal for LFC, qualified for CL next season, playing a CL final, made his national debut, selected for the World Cup squad, played in the World Cup, England finished 4th.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, 2017/18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League base autograph.

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I’m moving

So as some of you might have noticed lately I haven’t been updating the website as regularly as I usually do. That’s because I’m moving to a new place hence most of my stuff is packed in boxes at the moment.

Moving to a new place with a collection like mine is a bit of a headache 😂 this is about half of the boxes containing stuff from my collection.

But things will soon go back to normal again.

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High End cards

An expensive box of cards 😎

It’s important to protect your gems! Keeping the cards in one-touches and storing them in cardboard boxes is a perfect way to do so. It’s also a good way to keep the cards organized.

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