Subbuteo cards

Just added these really cool Subbuteo cards. I don’t have too much info about them apart from the top card probably being part of the Subbuteo game. You can pop the players out of the card na share them standing up.

The two bottom cards are from the 1996 Subbuteo Sqauds set but they digfer from the other cards in the set as these two are transparent.

Click HERE to check out my other Subbuteo cards.

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Corinthian Prostars Champions Of Europe 2005

So I can FINALLY add a Corinthian Prostars Champions Of Europe 2005 Presentation Pack (251/2005). Complete with all 16 figures, all cards and in the original presentation box.

It’s not in mint condition but I’m just happy I’ve finally got it. I’ve only seen it on eBay 2 or 3 times in the past couple of years and to a really expensive price. So I think I got a good deal this time 😊

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Some mail days are insanely epic! And then there are mail days like this one today which is beyond all that!


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Panini & Premier League

Panini to become the new official Premier League trading card and sticker partner from next season!

I’m very excited about this!

I think Panini in general put more effort into all their lines from low end to high end.

Just compare FIFA 365 to Match Attax! Overall I think Panini make better designs now days than Topps. More effort!


Some people complain about Panini flooding the market with products but I wouldn’t say Topps are any better. Over the last 2-3 seasons we have seen Topps products such as Topps Match Attax Premier League, Topps Match Attax Champions League, Topps Premier Gold, Topps Premier League Gold, Topps Chrome Champions League, Topps Platinum, Topps Now, Topps Now Champions League, Topps Premier Club, Topps Stadium Club, Topps Match Attax On Demand, Topps Crossover, Topps Museum, Topps Premier League Sticker Collection, Topps Champions League Sticker Collection.

I don’t mind a lot of products although in the previous season it got to a ridiculous point, just too much to collect in one season if you ask me. What struck me, especially during last season, is the decrease in quality products from Topps. The design and effort put into some of these sets seem to have been next to nothing with boring base sets, boring color parallels, very few if any inserts and only one or two relic or auto cards.

Someone at Topps apparently thought it would be a good strategy to down-size the sets to just enough and then make more releases with various down-sized sets. Of course there are some exceptions such as Topps Museum and Topps Platinum both of which have some beautiful cards. But in general over the last seasons I have got used to expect less and less from Topps’ releases.

I’m not saying things will be much different with Panini, not in the long-run anyway but I think it was time for a change. After so many years as the official trading card partner to Premier League, Topps started to get a little bit too comfortable and arrogant.

Bring on Panini!

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Corinthian Premier Power Play

Happy to add these bad boys to my collection 😊

1997 Corinthian Premier Power Play figures.

Players in order from left:

Dominic Matteo, Robbie Fowler, David James, Patrik Berger, Jamie Redknapp and Stig-Inge Bjørnebye.

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Topps Museum

I can finally add my first card from this superb set!

Adam Lallana 2018 Topps Museum Collection UEFA Champions League, Meaningful Material (14/75).

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More official LFC cards

So for those of you who read my previous post about the Official All-Time Greats set and checked out the page their on, you might have noticed these cards there as well.

So these are also an official release by the club and in this case the Liverpool FC Official Magazine back in 1995-96.

I’m not sure this is a complete set but I think the cards are nice. Also as you can see one of the cards is of Jason McAteer one of my all time favorite LFC players!

Check them out HERE


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